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Fibre Thatch Tile Specification


• Each tile measures 800mm x 450mm and weighs 1.5kg

• Each standard tile will cover 0.2 metres

• To calculate the amount of tiles needed, divide the roof area by 0.2


In the UK, the Fibre Thatch ® tile achieved a BS476 Part 7 Class 1Y standard for fire retardancy and a European DIN4102 Part 7 standard.


• Fibre Thatch® is a simulated thatch manufactured from UPVC polymer

• The polyurethane binding strip is used to glue the simulated thatch strands into the tile

• The binding strip is flexible allowing the tiles to bend and conform to unusual and undulating rooflines.

• Contains stabilizers and lubricants designed for outdoor use

• Contains antioxidants, fire retardants and inorganic chrome type pigments

• Tensile impact strength tested to 152KJ/m-AsTM D1822

• Vicat softening tested to (5kg) 83C/ASTM D1525