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Poles and Posts

Eucalyptus Poles

All of our eucalyptus poles are plantation grown and harvested to ensure a continuous supply. Plantation growing also ensures the timbers are straight and strong. Pressure treated with CCA to ensure longevity, the poles are easy to stain or varnish.

4200mm Length
6600mm Length
9000mm Length


• All timbers approved by the South African Bureau of standards
• Plantation grown timbers ensures continuous supply of straight and strong timbers
• Various lengths and diameters are available
• Easy to stain or varnish to the required colour
• Suitable for various applications where strength and weight is a criteria
• CCA treated to ensure longevity
• Treated with Flambor fire retardant and preservative

Steel Poles

Gauge and Diameter3x50mm3x76mm
3000mm Length

Turned Pine Poles

1800mm Length-
3000mm Length-
4200mm Length--

Douglas Fir Posts Quarter Sawn

1800mm Length
2100mm Length
3600mm Length
4200mm Length


• Species of timber is Douglas Fir
• Quarter-sawn Redwood free of boxed heart
• The timber is treated with CCO to BS EN ISO 9002 in accordance with BSI Registration FM 27263
• Douglas fir posts are available in 2 diameters