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Thatched Cover Kits

Cape Reed thatch is a totally natural product which combines simplicity of use with a beautiful appearance. The tiles are ideal for outdoor sites and with the sheer variety of our cover kits, we are certain there will be something to suit your plans.


Our thatched structures provide cool, shaded areas outside restaurants, hotels and pubs, on golf courses and beaches. They are ideal for zoos and theme parks and have many other applications.

The circular and oval covers can be delivered to you in kit form and are easy to install, consisting of either a circular or oval framework which the thatch tiles are secured to. Alternatively, they can be installed by our own trained fitters. The circular covers are supported by steel or eucalyptus poles, whereas the oval covers have a turned wooden pole as standard.


• 100% UV protection & showerproof
• Exceptionally durable
• A natural, eco-friendly roof
• Easy to install – no special tools required
• Waterproof when lined with suitable sub-roof
• Poles are simply concreted into the ground
• Natural thatch is 5–10 degrees cooler than man-made shade

Circular Cover Kits with Steel Poles (mm)

Steel Poles x 50mm11111
Fixed Umbrella Frame11111
Sectional Frame----1
Standard Tiles with Clips3591720
Heavy Tiles-25---
Top Cone (mm)1 x 10001 x 10001 x 10001 x 10001 x 1000
Optional Circular Fixed Wooden TableAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable

Circular Cover Kits with Eucalyptus Poles (mm)

Eucalyptus Poles x 100 u2013 125mm4444666
Fixed Umbrella Frame-1-----
Sectional Frame1-1111-
Standard Tiles with Clips9172026375668
Top Cone (mm)1 x 10001 x 10001 x 10001 x 10001 x 10001 x 10001 x 1000

Oval Cover Kits with Turned Wooden Pole (mm)

Turned Wood Pole x 100 u2013 125mm666
Sectional Oval Frame-1-
Standard Tile with Clips1-1
Ridge Cap End Only 1000 x 200mm91720
Straight Ridge Cap1 x 10001 x 10001 x 1000